Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Spirit of Free Enterprise

The Guardian newspaper is reporting that the Business Secretary, the foot-in-mouth ballroom dancer Vince Cable, is likely to exempt small businesses from most employment law protection for staff. It isn't clear yet, but the exemptions seem set to reduce further the rights of millions of ordinary people, potentially allowing their employers to bully them, treat them unfairly and dismiss them with some ease. Although the Con Dem Government already accepts that Britain has one of the most "flexible" work forces in the world, apparently some folk are not tugging forelocks far or flexibly enough not to traumatise our nascent entrepreneurs. So what little practical protection exists for swathes of low paid, temporary, part-time, often female staff, will be taken away.

All to help unleash the spirit of free, but evidently not fair, enterprise.

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  1. This is about enterprises of 10 or less, ergo firms or indeed co-ops as Schumacher. would say on a human scale. As a former union rep, I know how big employers can play the system to sack staff, equally I’ve seen particularly unpleasant racist employee, play the system and walk away with a large payout. Small firms are happier places to work.