Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Nuclear Weapons That Can Hit London: from Israel

Who is the real threat?

- has invaded its neighbours countless times: Jordan (1951), Egypt (1956), Egypt, Syria and Jordan (1967), Lebanon (1978), Lebanon (1982- 1984), occupied Lebanon (1984-1990), Lebanon (2006) and Gaza (2009).
- has repeatedly intervened in the Palestinian areas of the West Bank and Gaza, besieging their inhabitants, bulldozing thousands of houses and constructing huge barriers and walls to hem people into large concentration camps
- carried out airstrikes on Iraq's nuclear energy reactors in 1981
- sponsored terrorist organisations - supporting Hamas to undermine the PLO
- carried out terrorist attacks, car bombing four Iranian scientists in the last few years, as well as being involved in assassinations and abductions around the world, often in collusion with the US and "friendly" Arab dictatorships
- has attacked and seized aid ships in international waters, killing several unarmed occupants - even including attacking a US warship and killing 34 American sailors.
- has developed a large arsenal of nuclear weapons - well over 200, making it the fourth or fifth largest nuclear weapons state in the world. In this, it was helped by France and Britain in the 1960s. It has never admitted to having nuclear weapons, but their existence was revealed in the 1980s by the former nuclear technician, Mordechai Vannunu, who was jailed for his troubles. Israel is believed to have developed or be developing a longe range missile - the Jerhico 3 - that will have a reach of over 5,000km, making it feasible to target and hit London; maybe even within the fabled 45 minutes Tony Blair lyingly claimed for Saddam Hussein's non-exisent WMDs.
- has repeatedly refused to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and refuses all access by the International Atomic Energy Authority to its civilian and military sites
- receives over $8 millions every day from the US in military aid.


- has not invaded a neighbouring state (or any other country) in nearly three centuries
- has no current links to any international terrorist organisations: it did sponsor Hizbollah in Lebanon for a time, but somewhat at arms-length and bearing in mind that Hizbollah (now a peaceful, mainstream political party with support across the faith divides) was formed in response to the Israeli invasions of the Lebanon. But there is only very patchy evidence linking Iran to any other violent acts in other countries - some Iranian elements may have been involved with some Shia groups in Iraq in the middle of the last decade, but this was after the US had invaded and largely destroyed the country on their doorstep. In fact, after 9/11, Iran arrested and handed over scores of al-Qaeda suspects to the USA.
- has no nuclear weapons
- has signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and has allowed International Atomic Energy Authority officials to inspect its nuclear facilities
- receives no funding from the USA.

Any attack on Iran will be self-defeating, massively damaging in human costs, and will make a difficult situation far worse. President Obama originally promised to extend the hand of friendship to Iran, but quickly his outstretched palm clenched into a fist, his intransigence aiding rather than hindering the elements in Iran that do favour confrontation and understandably rallying Iranians to an anti-American position. Bear in mind many Iranians can still remember the toppling of Iran's first democratically elected government by the CIA and MI6 back in 1953 when it dared to nationalise the British and American owned oil industry. Premier Mossadeq was put under house arrest for life and the Shah was reinstated to become an absolute monarch employing brutal terror and repression against his people.

But above all, an attack on Iran for developing nuclear weapons it does not have by the only nuclear weapons state in the Middle East - Israel - will isolate tens of millions of Muslims and others there and around the world even further from a West that increasingly functions very openly on the basis of total self-interest and hypocrisy. The key issue here is simply wanting to ensure the continued compliance of governments across the Gulf Region with the national interests of the USA and its allies; so who is the real threat?


  1. This makes a mockery of the west's policy in the Middle East. I have known this for decaes but we never hear about this in analysis of the tensions in teh ME! good article.x

  2. Accelorata Jengold10 February 2012 at 00:59

    Another thinly veiled jew-hating rant from the deluded comfortable middle classes that seem to get away with it.

    No surprises there then

    Oh, and you forgot to mention the rabid hatred of jews held by dinnerjacket and his regime while managing to play down his support for several unstabilising groups in the region (just one reason most other arab states would gladly see him gone), but again no surprises there.

  3. Accelorata
    There is a huge difference between having concern about the actions of the Israeli Government/State and being anti-Semitic or hating Jews. It has long been a hallmark of those who seek prolonged confrontation to try to tar anyone raising concerns about Israeli behaviour as being racist.

    One of the largest peace movements in the world is to be found in Israel, where the predominantly Jewish Gush Shalom organisation repeatedly raises similar concerns and issues as the article above does. You can find out more about them here:

    It may feel strong to spend your time arguing for military adventures, but neither Jews nor Muslims will find peace and security through war.

    If there are any actual factual inaccuracies in the article, please feel free to detail what these are.

  4. I have to disagree with you first Anon, I don’t think this article on it’s own is anti-semitic. But the GPEW needs to take anti-semitism seriously.

    The Ecology Party (now the GPEW) attracted the rump of the anti-semitic ‘Green Shirts’ (Social Creditors). As former principle speaker Derek Wall has said “mainstream Green politics and even eco-socialism contain fascist potentials.”

    Last year the Green Party in Wales elected Pippa Bartolotti leader. The GPEW repeatedly insists that it deplores all forms of racism, including anti semitism, so one would expect any genuine anti-racist to run a mile in the opposite direction to a Nazi party embellished with blatant Nazi imagery. But not our Pippa who is happy to pose holding the neo Nazi flag of the Social- Nationalist Party.

    August Bebel, (1840 -1913) a German Marxist said that "anti-semitism is the socialism of the fool" foretelling the rise of National Socialism. It is a short step between denouncing “international finance" for causing problems to blaming "international Jewish bankers" or some other supposed international conspiracy.

  5. Anonymous, it is only for sake of freedom of speech that I am not deleting your comment, which appears to draw on the blatant propaganda issued by the Washington based Harry's Place or else the CiF website, which is obsessed with the British Guardian newspaper. Both appear to be far from neutral in their pursuit of anyone who is anything less than fawningly uncritical of Israeli Government policy.

    This is not a GPEW blog, but from what I understand Pippa Bartolotti was demonstrating against the continuing blockade of Gaza, and certainly not in support of any anti-semitic cause.

    Yet again, it is very wrong of you to conflate criticism of the Israeli state's actions and pronouncements with being anti-Jewish. Unless of course, it is you yourself who want to merge the two - Israel and Jews - into the same, contiguous and continuous monolithic identity.