Monday, 25 June 2012

Green Left - a new website for ecosocialists

Within the Green Party of England and Wales there is an active ecosocialist group, Green Left. Formed to promote the values of socialism as a counter to the unalloyed destruction of the environment by predatory capitalism, it has been successful in moving much Green Party thinking leftwards, even if the party as a whole would not, as yet, define itself as firmly socialist (though few Greens would not see themselves as being of the broad left or at least centre-left). It acts as a network within the party and as a bridge to socialists and other radicals outside as well.

The group has just launched a new website, which sets out articles and videos (including a speech by Green Party activist, Romayne Phoenix, who is also chair of the Coalition of Resistance - below). It also includes the Green Left newsletter, The Watermelon.

There is a link to the site on the right hand panel here, but you can also get there by clicking HERE.

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