Saturday, 13 April 2013

Urgent Warning - Food Security at Risk from Global Warming, say scientists

As blogged here previously, global warming is likely to have a major impact on world food supplies in the coming decades - not only will it become more expensive, increasingly, it will become less available regardless of money, especially if we retain a free market system to determine supply and distribution.

The lead article in today's Observer newspaper sets out new, updated warnings that we are heading for disaster and, as ever, the poor will be the first to be hit. But only the first - climate change, if not checked, is set to overwhelm our civil systems well before the century is out. And the timeframe to stop runaway climate change is now perilously short. If we don't stop it, then when the time comes and famine sets in, it will be truly human-made and driven, both by human-induced climate change and by our short-sighted failure to act on both global warming and the harsh, vicious nature of unregulated 21st century market capitalism.

As Andrew Sims explored in his chilling report Nine Meals from Anarchy, the consequences, for everyone, will be beyond dreadful.

For the full Observer article, click here.

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From New Economics Foundation - free Nine Meals from Anarchy pdf download here.

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