Friday, 31 July 2015

When The Bubble Bursts - An Open Letter to the Guardian Newspaper

How low the Guardian has fallen when it excoriates a belief in values of equality, public services and peace as "opening the road to the forces of real darkness". Did I really just read that in a supposedly progressive paper, or have you secretly amalgamated with the Telegraph? Nay, the Mail?!

Political Editor Michael White's counsel is one of despair, of minimizing the response to the social and environmental crises that our society and world face, of softly softly business-as-usual. He dismisses Corbyn's meetings for their similarity with revivalist meetings in the Scottish referendum campaign. Now while I do agree they are part of a continuing revolt by ordinary people against established politics - but why is that a problem? With the referendum "losers", the SNP, sweeping 56 out of 59 seats in Scotland in May, surely if Corbyn has a similar impact down here, it is all for the good?

You really should get out of your cosy bubble Guardian and see what is going on. Please don't dismissively patronise those of us who want genuine radical change as "well-meaning", sandal-wearing lentil munchers blind to the allegedly immutable "real" world. Because your real world is one where the likes of Blair and Brown, Clegg and Cameron have shamelessly sold out our national wealth to the corporates who fund them, and then tell us there is no other choice, no alternative. And now you simply echo them, these mundane, machine-men, Guardian.

You could speak for us, with us, rather than at us - it's what you used to do.

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