Saturday, 10 December 2011

COP 17 Youth Plea for Action on Global Warming - "Get It Done!" (from The Ecosocialist Blog)


 In response to the failure of COP 17 the Bolivian Ambassador has said that "only a 
movement from below can save us now" and this speech brings that movement from 
below  (in the form of Occupy) into Durban and toward action on climate change. 

I've been struggling to find anything I wanted to post about COP 17 - The expectations 

were low, the outcome was in line with those expectations - But this speech 'got me', 
reminiscent perhaps of the young Canadian Severn Cullis-Suzuki speaking at the 
earth summit in Rio in 1992 -  Anjali Appadurai ends by mic-checking occupy style ' Get it Done, 
Get it Done ' and this is the moment that for me lifts the gloom.

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