Thursday, 1 December 2011

Jeremy a Microwave

Carbon wagon champion Jeremy Clarkson has been rightly condemned today for his comment that public sector strikers should be shot dead - and, to boot, in front of their families.

Clarkson, who fronts BBC car programme Top Gear, which is as good an example as any of the close relationship between large vehicle engines and the priapically challenged male, has always been something of a bete noire for any self-respecting environmentalist, liberal and, indeed, human being. His pathetic column in the Sunday Times reeks of the attention-seeking adolescent arrogance of the Prefect's Room in a boys-only Sixth Form .

This odious character conveniently ignores the fact that, with a salary reportedly around £1 million coming from the BBC licence fee, he is actually one of the few public sector workers whose terms and conditions are indeed truly bloated and excessive. Yet writing these very words is probably self-defeating, because this pathetic petrolhead appears to thrive on coverage of any sort.

So, never mind any further analysis or ranting about how different the response of the authorities and the Prime Minister would have been had a trade union called for bankers or Tory MPs to be executed in front of their families. No more comparing the disparity in the jailing for several years of two youths for briefly setting up a Facebook riots page when they were drunk compared to the apparently sober Clarkson's supposedly satirical call for violence.

So, instead, here is a video to make us all feel better.


  1. ...and isn’t your little Jeremy Clarkson in a microwave equally offensive!

  2. Probably not, as it is obviously a purely theoretical scenario - with an ego his size, he would never fit in the microwave to begin with.

  3. ...and you wouldn't microwave him in front of his kids. Humour directed at an individual is ok when he has put himself in the cross-hairs. Members of a minority or association tho should ideally not be treated with humorous swipes. Next it will be people on benefits! We should beware of attacking groups that have a past or current state of being persecuted sonewhere on the globe. As such, Tories are ok as a target as they unfortunately seen to be ever more in positions of power.
    Btw, I love the tags on this, lol ;-)

  4. So Amanda you’ll be putting in a complaint about Chanel4 showing ‘Shameless’ then.

    Problem is anti-Semitism is ok as long as it is dressed up as Palestinian solidarity… sectarianism against Catholics is ok except in the context of Northern Ireland…

  5. It is interesting to have a couple of grumbles about the taste of the video - presumably, if you feel it is wrong, then you also feel what he said about killing strikers was also wrong and you condemn it? Or, if you think he was "just joking", logically you have to concede I am "just joking" by posting it? Which is it? Presumably you don't think he should be allowed to have his so called joke, but I can't have mine? it's Political Incorrectness gone mad!

    The other side of course is this: how often have you come across people being put in the micro alongside the Pot Noodle as opposed to people really being "executed in front of their families"?

    Sadly, the second thing is all too common in reality, and it was the chilling nature of his comments - conjuring up parents being shot or worse in front of their children that makes his comments so utterly offensive.

  6. Yes I think he was attempting to make a Joke (and failed), do you seriously think he is going to kill strikers? And yes I don’t think you would microwave Clarkson.

    You’ve never heard the phrase “you’ll be the first up against the wall, come the revolution” I’ve had it said to me, it didn’t conjure up images of me being shot or worse in front of my children.

    PS don’t micro your Pot Noodle, just add boiling water.

  7. No, I don;t think he was actively calling for strikers to be killed - however, had he stopped at his first statement "I'd shoot the lot of them", which could conceivably been passed off as Col Blimpish type hyperbole, it is doubtful the issue would have gone anywhere. Rather it was his tasteless extension of the analogy to employing tactics used around the world to persecute and terrorise innocent people by killing people in front of their families. It is no less tasteless than if he had perhaps suggested concentration camps or declared arbeit mach frei or some similar invocation of persecution and murder.

    Clarkson's comments on a range of things are sufficiently odiously presented that the point is long since gone where his so-called humour ceased to mask a rather nasty underlying sense of his own self-entitlement and disregard for others less fortunate in the Grand Prix of life.

    Including me if I look forward to a pot noodle I've microwaved - thanks for the tip; it's been a while since I had one!