Monday, 3 February 2014

Bite The Ballot! say Greens for National Voter Registration Day

Cllr Andrew Cooper, who is the Greens' national energy & environment speaker and heads the Green Party's European candidates' list in Yorkshire & The Humber, has urged all people 18 years and over who are entitled to vote, whether they are UK, EU or Commonwealth nationals or citizens, to register to do so. He was speaking ahead of 'National Voter Registration Day', which takes place on Wednesday (February 5th) and which aims to encourage people to sign up to vote.

Non-party campaign group 'Bite the Ballot' are organising this year's campaign, which is timed to mark the anniversary of the 1832 Reform Act which gave many of us (well, many men anyway!) the right to vote for the first time.

Greens' Andrew Cooper - bite the ballot!
'Bite the Ballot!' hopes as many as 250,000 UK residents – especially younger people – will register to vote on Wednesday.

Echoing a similar call from Green Euro-MP Jean Lambert, Cllr Cooper said "All citizens have a democratic right to influence what is happening to our society - and the first step is to register to vote. I hope that everyone who is entitled to do so will make their voices heard this May - whatever party they support. It is all the more relevant when the European elections are being held under a form of proportional representation - so very powerfully, this time at least, everyone's vote counts equally.

"This is about ensuring that all who can vote are able to do so by registering - at least they then have a choice whether to vote or not, or even stand for election."

Elections to the European Parliament, as well as to many local authorities will be held on Thursday, May 22nd.
Click HERE to Bite the Ballot!

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