Friday, 14 February 2014

When Only The Wellies Are Green...

The flooding in recent weeks in the south west and Wales has now spread eastwards, perplexing our carbon-addicted political class more and more, and even posing a dilemma for climate change deniers in UKIP. Insufficient sea walls, lack of dredging and absence of enough pumping equipment are all routinely denounced as the causes of the devastation, with angry fingers jabbed at the cash-strapped Environment Agency and it's hapless Chair, Chris Smith.

So what to do for our political leaders? Reverse the cuts in energy conservation schemes so we can begin to tackle our emissions? Or ban fracking, which is set to exponentially increase CO2 release into our atmosphere?

No. Instead, much better than that, Cameron, Clegg, Miliband and Farage all reached a consensus on their response to the crisis.

They put on some green wellies and went and looked at the water and muttered things like "We'll do everything it takes!", "never again", "we spent more than them", "we are spending more than them" or "that water looks like it came from abroad."

Yes, as our country is gripped by just the precursor of the climate change to come, our future is in the hands of the Wallies in Wellies. But sadly, frighteningly, the only thing genuinely green about them is their designer footwear.

Time to flush the lot of them through the floodgates of history and down into the drain of just-a-vague-memory.

Nigel Farage was available for comment in the pub...
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