Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Cats Have It - AV Explained More Clearly than Humans Could Do It!

This Yes to AV video explains how the Alternative Vote would work; how it is more democratic; and how the Conservatives use a form of it to elect their leader, but don't want to extend the same privilege to us when electing our MPs.

The No Campaign does have the support of many Labour MPs, but is funded and run in effect by the Conservative Party, which has a clearly vested interest in keeping the current system. This allowed Thatcher to do her work even although she never enjoyed the support of more than 43% of the people - just think, if the Yes to AV campaign only gets 43% of the vote in the referendum, it will be characterised as having been soundly defeated. But Thatcher enjoyed a landslide victory in the 1983 election with just 42% of the vote; and Tony Blair was elected in 2005 with just 35%!

My local MP sits in Parliament with 65% of those who voted having picked other candidates. The current system is clearly flawed and undemocratic. The Alternative Vote is not perfect, nor is it proportional, but it would mean that MPs have to have the support of over 50% of those voting - so a big improvement on now.

Vote Yes to change on Thursday!

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