Friday, 20 May 2011

UK Government wants to deport 5 year old disabled girl with cerebral palsy: Rania Must Stay!

Rania Abdechakour came from Algeria to Britain to live with her aunt and uncle in Bolton, Lancashire, on a six-month visa in 2008 as a toddler, to give her mother a break and help her condition. As it emerged just how ill she was, her stay was extended so she could seek more medical help.

Rania has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and has a number of medical conditions including epilepsy, is partially sighted and more recently diagnosed with reflex and anoxic seizures in which her heart stops beating.

The British Government has now ruled that she must be sent back to Algeria, even although the treatment she has had here and which has significantly improved her condition, is not available there and indeed Algerian society is even more prejudiced against disability than our own. Rania's aunt, Jo Taleb, and her husband Moussa, had begun adoption procedures so that they would be legally recognised as her parents - Rania regards them as her mum and dad - but the deportation order has cut across this.

Rania Must Stay!
Rania's deportation is being appealed, but if it is lost, she will be sent back to a country and people who she does not know. Her aunt fears she is so ill, having had to personally resuscitate her, that she will die if she is sent back.

Whatever views people may hold on migration, are we really prepared to say that Britain has no room for this little child, even when there is a loving, working family looking after her now and who want to continue to do so?

Please support keeping Rania in the UK. Write to your Member of Parliament and sign the online petition by clicking here. Thanks!

Please share this and encourage people to sign.

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  1. I am pleased to say that, after a lot of campaigning by her family and other people, the Government relented at the end of August and Rania is able to stay in the UK while she undergoes formal adoption.

    Thanks to anyone through here who signed the petition and best wishes to the Taleb family.